Case Reports

Angela’s Story“, Mary Gutsell — 1 case, rheumatoid arthritis

Baby Bowen“, various authors reporting on applications

Babies and Colic” — published in June 2013 issue of Bowen Hands; Authors, Marcela Campian-Romania and Georgi Ilchev, Physiotherapist-Bulgaria

Back Pain and Fibroids“, Sandra Gustafson — 2 cases

Bowen as Sports Medicine — Safely Resolving Post-Concussion Syndrome“, Craig Mattimoe — 33 cases

Bowen Seizure Protocol“, Liz Corbett — 7 cases

Bowenwork — Alternative Therapy for Concussion“, Stephan Stamp — 1 case

Coccyx-Neck” Dr Narcisa Marcu — care report on torticollis and cervical spine disc herniation

Coccyx/Neck Procedure Saves the Day“, Joanne Hillary, ND

Degenerative Muscle Disease“, Rosemaryre Kirkwood, Bowen Hands, March 1997

Frozen Shoulder“, Glenn Stammers Bowen Hands, July, 1997

How Did He Do it? Thoracic Procedure” Anne Schubert — case report on scoliosis

In Home Health“, Mary Falk — 1 case, knee replacement

Legacy Program: Autism“, Dan Amato — general case information

Let’s Talk About Stress“, Sandra Gustafson — 1 case

Maternal and Newborn Care“, Sandra Gustafson — general case information

My Experience with Parkinson’s“, Teresa Peterson, March, 2011 Bowen Hands

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder“, Dan Amato — general case information

Runners Find Relief with Bowenwork and Not So Obious Tips to Keep You in Full Stride“, Nicole Tatro, October 2015

Scoliosis Case Study, Anne Schubert, June 2015 Bowen Hands

The Use of Bowen for the Treatment of Muscular Trauma” Channon Sanderson — Case report on recovery from a gunshot wound

Treating Schizophrenia” John Minchin-King — case report on schizophrenia

The Bowen Techniques–Lymphatic Drainage” by Blog/Case Study by Janie Godfrey

Treating Sciatica“, Victoria Bowmann, Bowen Hands, December, 1997

Treating Sciatica with the Bowen Technique” John Stephens, Bowen Hands, Part A-December 2005, Part B-March 2006

What is Lymphatic Drainage and can Bowen Therapy Stimulate This?” by Linda Woodward, Bowen Practitioner in Australia.

Working with the Soldiers!“, Ginny Hahn — 22 cases on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and pain