Focused Studies

Focused Study courses provide a deeper exploration of specific topics such as applying Bowenwork to particular client populations, gaining a deeper understanding of the human body, or building your practice. Click the course names to see details.

Prerequisites apply for all continuing education classes.

Additional Contact Classes and Review of the Basic Work

Associate Instructor Training (Nancy Pierson/Karin Twohig)
Bowenwork for the Professional Practitioner (Abby LaRock)
Bowenwork for People Living with Cancer (Sandra Gustafson)
Bowenwork for Women’s Wellness (Sandra Gustafson)
Deep Anatomy: Exploring Structure and Choice (Nancy Pierson) *
Deep Anatomy of Modules 11 and 12 (Nancy Pierson)
Dissection for Bowen Workers (Nancy Pierson)
Kinesiology Taping and Bowenwork (Abby LaRock)
Mind Body Bowen (Anne Schubert & Margaret Spicer)
The Lymphatic System and Bowenwork (Nancy Pierson)

Bowenwork Procedure classes count as contact hours and many count as review of the basic work.

*Deep Anatomy counts as 16 hours towards the 100 hr minimum Anatomy and Physiology requirement.

Animal Bowen Classes

Equine Bowen Level 1 (Tanya Baker)
Small Animal Bowen Level 1 (Tanya Baker)

Non-contact Classes

Anatomy by the Modules* (Nancy Pierson)
Anatomy and Physiology for Bowenworkers (Nancy Pierson)
Anatomy and Physiology Online Plus (Essential Training Solutions)
Building Bowen Buzz (Vicki Mechner)
Essential Readings Library, Book 1: on fascia (Nancy Pierson/Karin Twohig)
Ethics for the Bowenwork Practitioner** (Nancy Pierson/Karin Twohig)
Bowtech Conferences
Independent Study for Students and Practitioners (Karin Twohig/Nancy Pierson)
Pathology-60 hours (Ruth Werner)
Workplace Hygiene, Health and Safety ***(Sandra Gustafson)

Certification Requirements:
*Anatomy by the Modules counts as six hours towards the 120-hour minimum Anatomy and Physiology requirement.
**Ethics for the Bowenwork Practitioner fulfills the eight-hour toward the ethics requirements
***Workplace Hygiene, Health, and Safety fulfills the six-hour hygiene/safety requirement.

Partner Credits

Bowenwork satisfies some other organizations’ continuing education requirements. For example:

American Bowen Academy is recognized as an approved continuing education provider by American Occupational Therapy Association (Provider #7074), California Board of Registered Nursing (Provider #CEP15344), Oregon Board of Naturopathic Medicine (Provider #PDP-BOW) and National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (Provider #393313-00). Continuing education credit is given for all module classes and designated Bowtech-endorsed courses. Each day is equivalent to eight contact hours.

For questions about the recognition of Bowenwork classes for other professional credentialing bodies, contact USAdmin@AmericanBowen.Academy.

The easiest way to find continuing eduction classes is to visit the Find a Class page. You may also contact the American Bowen Academy office.